Saturday, Nov 12, 2022

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Gypsy Cove
eBird - Traveling Count, 49mins, 08:55 AMWith participants in a Rockjumper tour. Regarding effort, this is a checklist for the 49 minutes that I was at the dotterel/plover stakeout; checklist does not include the walk back into town. Numbers rather "fuzzy," as multiple groups, staggered in arrival/departure times, were present. See note under American Kestrel. Weather: mostly sunny and mild, with just an occasional light breeze. Obtained a few "documentation shots" and include them here for, well, documentation purposes. ;-)
Market Garden--Waterfront
eBird - Traveling Count, 66mins, 08:52 AM
Blanco Bay
eBird - Traveling Count, 25mins, 06:21 AM
eBird - Stationary Count, 16mins, 08:29 AM
Auto selected -51.79260, -56.76268
eBird Pelagic Protocol, 51mins, 04:01 PM
Auto selected -51.68360, -57.50862
eBird Pelagic Protocol, 59mins, 02:02 PM
Auto selected -51.84136, -56.42803
eBird Pelagic Protocol, 57mins, 04:53 PM
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