Sunday, Dec 19, 2010 San Jose Christmas Bird Count

eBird - Casual Observation, 0mins,

Weather: overcast, 45-55 degrees, period of heavy rain alternating with calm and drizzle.

Our CBC experience has been changing dramatically since the levee protected Salt Pond A20 was breached, allowing tidal action to resume. Where once we saw only Eared Grebes, we now routinely find thousands of ducks. Brown and American White Pelicans circle overhead looking for fish.

Our best birds of the day were two Prairie Falcons who stayed in our count area for most of the day, flying power pole to power pole and posing for well-lit scope views.

Also seen: 823 peeps, 600 Ducks, 577 Gulls, 1 Western Jackrabbit. Mary and I were joined as always by Lori Cuesta and first-time Drawbridge birder Rob Furrow, who was an excellent addition to the team. Thanks, Rob!

68 Species