Sunday, Sep 13, 2009 Whalewatching with Cheesemans

Pink-footed Shearwater
Monterey Bay
eBird - Casual Observation, 0mins,

Doug and Gail Cheeseman lead this trip once a year and we've been out twice now. We stuck close to spotters Bob Power and Mike Mammoser most of the day. Sunday's weather was fairly cool - around 60 - 70 degrees - with very little wind or chop, but a strong swell.

On the way out, we saw millions of jellies in the water - it looked like the jellies exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium turned on its side and stretched out like 2 miles. They were everywhere. Doug said the overcast might have kept the food closer to the surface, bringing the jellies up.

Mammals for the day included California Sea Lions, Harbor Seals, Humpback Whales (2), Northern Right Whale Dolphins (20+), Pacific White-sided Dolphins (100+) and the prize at the end of the day, Orcas (5)!

Other observers saw Red Phalaropes (small flock of 7-10 birds in flight) and Long-tailed Jaegers.

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