Saturday, Sep 27, 2008 Super sMeW California Fall Chal2008-lenge

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Winton Avenue
eBird - Casual Observation, 0mins,
Hayward Regional Shoreline
eBird - Casual Observation, 0mins,
Frank's Dump
eBird - Casual Observation, 0mins,

This trip supports the San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory's annual California Fall Challenge. Mary and Stephanie planned the trip to maximize access to passerine migrants and shorebirds at high tide. Two leaders and eight participants started the day at the West Winton Avenue parking lot for Hayward Regional Shoreline at 8:30am, where five species of warblers and a clay-colored sparrow were seen. The long walk out to Frank's dump gave us a chance to observe Osprey and Horned Larks. Highlights among the shorebirds included Red Knots, Dunlin, and two Snowy Plovers. We then moved south to the Interpretive Center to watch the mudflats as the tide receded, where we saw Semiplamated Plovers, Whimbrels, and nice comparative views of Least and Western Sandpipers. We wrapped up our trip at 2:30pm after two Peregrine Falcons strafed the gull and shorebird flock for several minutes. Also saw Dowitcher sp.

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