Saturday, Sep 04, 2004 Audubon Trip to Point Reyes

Willow FlycatcherRed-breasted NuthatchHermit Warbler
Pt. Reyes National Seashore
eBird - Casual Observation, 0mins,

We spent the morning with Bob and company, then split off after lunch. Before we joined the group at Drake's Beach, others reported Red-throated Loon and Elegant Tern. We had great looks at Osprey flying over the beach. Weather was sunny and pleasant with an offshore wind. It was a good day for owls, with two Great Horned Owls at the fishdocks and a Barn Owl near the Drake's Beach parking lot. At the lighthouse, some observed Brant's Cormorant; we had great looks at Red-breasted Nuthatch, immature Hermit Warbler, and a Willow Flycatcher. The fishdocks offered looks at Common Murre and Pigeon Guillemot.

In the afternoon we walked part of Estero Trail, then ended the day at Pierce Point Ranch. We saw a coyote and had nice looks at the Tule Elk. We saw quite a few raptors in the afternoon heat, including a very dark morph Red-tailed Hawk. At sunset, the Sharp-shinned Hawks were calling incessantly at the Ranch.

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